Let me put you in touch with local lenders I have worked with and trust. 

They will help you find out what you can afford, recommend types of loans and programs you qualify for, educate you on closing costs you should expect, inform you about current rates and their trends, and provide a pre-approval letter for the purchase price of your next home.

Your mortgage lender is a wonderful resource for all your finance related questions and more. They are there to help you before, during, and after your purchase. Many provide free seminars and coaching for first time buyers, current homeowners, and people who may not be planning to buy for some time but want to find out what they should be doing now.


Call me for a list of lenders who I trust and recommend.

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Why use a local lender?

Your local lender is most qualified to inform you about market trends in your area. They are familiar with county taxes, insurance rates, and have established relationships with title companies, realtors, and other local industry professionals. They are also available to meet with you in person for pre-approvals, coaching, seminars, etc.  

With such a big, important purchase, I always recommend using someone local. Whether you find them on your own, or through my recommendation, it can make a big difference.


Resources →

A list of valuable resources for homebuyers, sellers and owners in the Portland area.

Real Estate Glossary →

A real estate glossary for terms you may come across during your purchase.


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