Finding a home that suits your needs

As your buyer's agent I will help you narrow down your search, show you different homes, styles, and neighborhoods. If you've already found your dream home, do research on the property and area to help you decide on an appropriate purchase price. I will draft a competitive offer, and once it's accepted I will lead you through negotiations, inspections, appraisal, and closing... Then we celebrate!

What are you looking for?

Take some time to think about your next home. Narrow your search. Think about the next five years of your life and what that looks like. Location, Accessibility, Lifestyle, Hobbies, Family, Friends, Pets, etc may all play into your decision making. I find it helpful to make lists. Categorize your next home's features into "Must Haves", "Bonus Points For..." and "Deal-breakers" 

Why Use a REALTOR®?

Only real estate licensees who are members of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® are properly called REALTORS®. REALTORS® subscribe to a strict code of ethics and are expected to maintain a higher level of knowledge of the process of buying and selling real estate. They are committed to treat all parties to a transaction honestly. REALTOR® business practices are monitored at local board levels. Arbitration and disciplinary systems are in place to address complaints from the public or other board members. 

6 Reasons You Should Never Buy Or Sell a Home Without An Agent  (from

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