Is Now a Good Time to Sell?

Here in the Portland, OR area, we are still very much in a seller's market. Now, most people think they should wait to list their home in spring and summer, and while there are benefits to this, there are also good things about listing your home in the fall and winter! 

1. Less Competition - Less people list their homes in the winter, so there are less out there for buyers to choose from. Instead of going to see 15 houses, they may only tour 4 or 5 before making a decision. That's better odds for you!
2. More Serious Buyers - With the low inventory this year, many summer buyers are still looking for the right home. While there may be less buyers out at open houses, etc, you can bet the more serious ones are! In especially hot areas, buyers who lost out on another home during a bidding war may also be more likely to jump at the chance to buy something right away that fits their criteria.
3. Less Hassle - Buyers moving in in the winter are likely to be more serious because they HAVE to move. They're sold their own home, they are relocating for work, etc.. They are also likely to want to wrap things up before the end of the year holidays and traveling, which means they may be less likely to want to negotiate the small stuff, in favor of a quicker and smoother transaction. 

5 Ways to Prep Your Home for the Holidays


While you're running around thinking of all the million things you have to do in preparation for the holidays, I'm going to add yet another item to your plate. (Eek! Sorry) Don't neglect your biggest investment - your house! 

A few things to think about before hosting friends and family over the holidays.

  1. Heat - Nothing can ruin the holidays more for you and your guests than a freezing cold house. This is a good time to schedule a furnace tune/check-up. Something you should plan to do every year or two anyway to make sure everything is working smoothly. 
  2. Fireplace - Speaking of heat, nothing feels more festive than cozying up with some cocoa to a fire in the fireplace. If you haven't had your chimney serviced in awhile, especially if you use it often, now would be a great time to get a chimney sweep in there to remove built up creosote, which can be dangerous and leads to house fires. 
  3. Security - Whether you're hosting guests or going away for the holidays, installing a security system and/or cameras is a great idea. Everyone sees the news reports about package theft during the holidays, so maybe look into a camera for the door, like a Ring Doorbell. You might also consider a full house security system to keep your home and belongings safe, unless you plan on leaving some Home Alone style booby traps while you're gone.
  4. Prevent drafts - if you didn't get around to it this fall, do a walk around your home and seal up any cracks that could be letting your heat out, or sending cold drafts through your home. Weather stripping windows and doors and caulking cracks is an inexpensive way to button up your home and increase your heating system's efficiency. 
  5. Deter and get rid of critters - its not a great feeling when you're about to fall asleep and you hear scratching and scampering feet in the ceiling above your bed. All sorts of animals are going to want to join the festivities, at least move in to keep warm. If they've already moved in, lay out traps, or call a pro to come take them away. If you haven't hear the scampering sounds, do a quick check of your attic and crawlspace vents and install wire mesh to keep them out. If your area is prone to mice and raccoons, consider a sonic device. They emit high frequency sounds that scare rodents away, but are not harmful to you or your pets. 

Pumpkin Everything - with Recipes!

Fall is here


I love the changing of the seasons. Its always a nostalgic and exciting time. Plus its time for Sweaters, Pumpkins, Costumes, Scarves, Turkey, Pie, Boots, Hats, Soup, the Tualatin Pumpkin Regatta, Leaves Changing, Thanksgiving, and Gathering with Family, Friends, and Neighbors. 

This week I decided to deliver some fall cheer and hospitality to my neighbors. I've been going out with gifts of pumpkins! I've gone out during a time of day where many were out, but I was so happy to meet and catch up with those that were home! I'm also looking forward to meeting more neighbors as I make may way up and down our street.

It's understood that we all lead busy lives and get wrapped up in life and business. The minute we're ready to settle down and relax for a bit, something comes up. I know this is true for me, but I'm so thankful I carved out some time (bad pun intended) to do this. I've had some lovely chats, and enjoyed some quality face-to-face time with my neighbors!

Now to the good stuff - the Food! 

I left a link to my blog here with everyone I talked to. I think I'll with the pumpkin puree as a base for all my holiday pumpkin cooking, but it can be time consuming and not for everyone, so feel free to use the canned stuff for the recipes and carve up a jack-o-lantern with the pumpkin! Either way, I'm sure these will be delicious! Have fun, and don't forget to text or email me pics of what you do with them! I'd love to see how you use it. :)