STRUCTURE Exhibition Photos

The opening reception of Structure was a huge success! Just over 100 people were in attendance and I received amazing and supportive feedback from the artists, NTROPIC, and guests. Everyone loved the wine tasting hosted by Vandol Cellars as well! 

I didn't take any great photos of the event, but a good friend and great photographer, Ed Ng, was in attendance and was able to snap some very dramatic shots of the artwork. Thanks Ed! :)

Jamie Banes   Outbound and Back

Jamie Banes Outbound and Back

Mike Steffen  Grantsville

Mike Steffen Grantsville

Steve Chellis   Polo at Night #1-4

Steve Chellis Polo at Night #1-4

Chris Vogel   Homage  and  Talisman

Chris Vogel Homage and Talisman

Jamie Banes   Alphabet of Giants 

Jamie Banes Alphabet of Giants 

Mike Steffen   Knolls

Mike Steffen Knolls

Chris Vogel   In The Way

Chris Vogel In The Way

Steve Chellis   Widow #2

Steve Chellis Widow #2