1 Year of Art at Ntropic!

Hello Friends! 

The next show marks one year of art at Ntropic SF! I don't know who started it, but about a year and a half ago people started saying "there should be some art in here." 
(If you haven't seen it, the SF office of Ntropic is a gorgeous, light filled, concrete floored, grey walled, minimalist dream. Its a gorgeous space that doesn't need anything on the walls, but damn if it doesn't make the perfect gallery space. Art pops off the huge multi-hued grey/brown walls... every piece stands out.)

Once the owner/founder/creative director of Ntropic, Nate Robinson, came to me saying "there should be art in here" I started looking for other curators... I found a few but they didn't seem to fit quite right. Confident that I knew the type of art work that would be perfect for Ntropic, I designed and proposed my outline of a successful art program. Nate approved it and off I went to Art Murmur the same day to scout artists! I haven't looked back since.

In the past year, not only have my skills and confidence as a curator and event planner grown, but so has my network of artists, friends, vendors, and passion for this type of work. I love it.  

So, all that being said... On to the next one, Art Exhibit V!