Art Exhibit V - Collage

Its here! Art Exhibit V, the one year marker of my art program at Ntropic. Themed around collage, the artists are each from different backgrounds, levels of exposure, and vary greatly in style. 

Sometimes when people hear the word 'collage' I think they immediately think of something specific, and not necessarily "fine art". Thoughts of dream boards, kitschy scrapbooking supplies or ransom note-type lettering come to mind. In this show I really wanted to celebrate the medium  and show all types of beautiful, exciting collage artwork.... it shouldn't be hard with the line-up of artists I have this time too...

Artists: Leigh Wells - David Fullarton - Mike Kabler - Jeff Hantman - Valicia Rae Byrne

To give you a sneak peak at some of their work check out their websites. Or, if you like, check out Leigh Wells on The Jealous Curator where she's been featured at least twice, and David Fullarton at Juxtapoz a where his Apologies series have been posted few times as well! 

Here's one form the Apologies series that won't be in the show, but it'll give you a taste of what you'll see if you can make it!