Event Planning

Art Exhibit V Opening Reception Photos!

Thanks to everyone who mad it to the opening reception last night! Thank you also to the artists! I received great reviews of the show, awesome feedback on work by each artist. 

Its a good feeling when each time there is an opening reception people who have been at every one say "this is the best one so far" I think that means I'm doing something right! 

If you couldn't make it to the opening, you can still see the show. Just send me a note and I'll schedule an appointment to show you around! 

1 Year of Art at Ntropic!

Hello Friends! 

The next show marks one year of art at Ntropic SF! I don't know who started it, but about a year and a half ago people started saying "there should be some art in here." 
(If you haven't seen it, the SF office of Ntropic is a gorgeous, light filled, concrete floored, grey walled, minimalist dream. Its a gorgeous space that doesn't need anything on the walls, but damn if it doesn't make the perfect gallery space. Art pops off the huge multi-hued grey/brown walls... every piece stands out.)

Once the owner/founder/creative director of Ntropic, Nate Robinson, came to me saying "there should be art in here" I started looking for other curators... I found a few but they didn't seem to fit quite right. Confident that I knew the type of art work that would be perfect for Ntropic, I designed and proposed my outline of a successful art program. Nate approved it and off I went to Art Murmur the same day to scout artists! I haven't looked back since.

In the past year, not only have my skills and confidence as a curator and event planner grown, but so has my network of artists, friends, vendors, and passion for this type of work. I love it.  

So, all that being said... On to the next one, Art Exhibit V!


Art Exhibit IV Opening Party Photos!

Thank you thank you to everyone who came to the opening party for Art Exhibit IV last night! 

Great turnout for the artists, I was so happy people were able to meet the artists they were interested in and learn more about them. Delicious pizza by Del Popolo. If you haven't seen the truck, its really beautiful, with a  wood fired oven inside, and their pizza is amazing. 

Here are a few photos from the party! 

If you weren't able to make it, remember that the show runs for the next 10 weeks or so and I'd be happy to give you a tour if you'd like to make an appointment with me!

Art Exhibit IV

The last art exhibit of the year! The next one will mark my 1 year anniversary of curating the San Francisco office of Ntropic. Wow, time flies.  

I chose the date and theme of this show specifically to work around most people's holiday schedule, and to give myself a little time at the beginning of next year to work out the 1 year anniversary/spring exhibit. Since this exhibit starts at the end of fall, and goes through winter, I've decided to make the changing seasons during this time my theme.  

The artwork featured in Art Exhibit IV was chosen to represent various steps in the process of renewal through removal, mirroring some of the natural processes seen in the fall and winter seasons.  Creatures shed their skin, grow thick fur, and go into hibernation. Trees lose their leaves, harden their bark, and set down deep roots. The process of shedding the old, stripping down, and letting go of the past in order to refresh and grow anew in spring. 

Each artist I've chosen represents a different part of the cycle.  Brian Conery and Victoria May’s mixed media and sculptural works represent the removal/stripping down/leaving things behind part of the process.  Heather Day and Yoni Matatyaou's paintings remind us that this leads to new growth, renewal, and the spark of energy that erupts in spring. 

Artists:  Brian Conery - Heather Day - Victoria May - Yoni Matatyaou

As usual the opening reception is guest list only, if you're interested in viewing the exhibition at a later time, I'd be happy to schedule an appointment to give you a tour!

Art Exhibit III - Fabric/Textiles

Whoa, what a party... This has to have been one of the most fun parties I've every thrown. Seriously! The art looks so nice, and the crowd seemed to have a really upbeat, fun energy about it. Maybe it was the art, maybe it was the Sangria bar we set up, maybe it was the rockin all-girl band. Who knows? 

Check out pictures of the art installed and the party below. We didn't have a photographer this time, but I think we got some good shots. :)