Art Exhibit V - Collage

Its here! Art Exhibit V, the one year marker of my art program at Ntropic. Themed around collage, the artists are each from different backgrounds, levels of exposure, and vary greatly in style. 

Sometimes when people hear the word 'collage' I think they immediately think of something specific, and not necessarily "fine art". Thoughts of dream boards, kitschy scrapbooking supplies or ransom note-type lettering come to mind. In this show I really wanted to celebrate the medium  and show all types of beautiful, exciting collage artwork.... it shouldn't be hard with the line-up of artists I have this time too...

Artists: Leigh Wells - David Fullarton - Mike Kabler - Jeff Hantman - Valicia Rae Byrne

To give you a sneak peak at some of their work check out their websites. Or, if you like, check out Leigh Wells on The Jealous Curator where she's been featured at least twice, and David Fullarton at Juxtapoz a where his Apologies series have been posted few times as well! 

Here's one form the Apologies series that won't be in the show, but it'll give you a taste of what you'll see if you can make it!

Art Exhibit IV

The last art exhibit of the year! The next one will mark my 1 year anniversary of curating the San Francisco office of Ntropic. Wow, time flies.  

I chose the date and theme of this show specifically to work around most people's holiday schedule, and to give myself a little time at the beginning of next year to work out the 1 year anniversary/spring exhibit. Since this exhibit starts at the end of fall, and goes through winter, I've decided to make the changing seasons during this time my theme.  

The artwork featured in Art Exhibit IV was chosen to represent various steps in the process of renewal through removal, mirroring some of the natural processes seen in the fall and winter seasons.  Creatures shed their skin, grow thick fur, and go into hibernation. Trees lose their leaves, harden their bark, and set down deep roots. The process of shedding the old, stripping down, and letting go of the past in order to refresh and grow anew in spring. 

Each artist I've chosen represents a different part of the cycle.  Brian Conery and Victoria May’s mixed media and sculptural works represent the removal/stripping down/leaving things behind part of the process.  Heather Day and Yoni Matatyaou's paintings remind us that this leads to new growth, renewal, and the spark of energy that erupts in spring. 

Artists:  Brian Conery - Heather Day - Victoria May - Yoni Matatyaou

As usual the opening reception is guest list only, if you're interested in viewing the exhibition at a later time, I'd be happy to schedule an appointment to give you a tour!

Émoi Launch Party!

After the success of the first art exhibit at Ntropic my art program there is officially in full swing! I have planned the next exhibition and party to line up with the launch of Émoi, the new music division of Ntropic. 

The name Émoi is a French word that doesn't have an exact translation in English. So to help out, I wrote a definition based on my understanding of the word as it was described to me.  (If anyone reading this is French, and can help me refine this definition, I'd love the help!)

“ÉMOI” is defined many different ways. To cause the heart to flutter, a stir of strong emotions, excitement, commotion, sentiment, passion, animation, movement, reverence, nostalgia, trouble, love and loss, all snowballed together. It can be an anxious feeling, or a quiet feeling of awe. 

I've decided to make "émoi" the theme of the next exhibit as well. I think its a great theme because it encompasses so many emotions in one. I already have a few ideas for artists! 

If you're interested in finding out more about Émoi the company you can check out the website! www.emoistudios.com