Launch Party

ÉMOI Launch Party and Exhibition Photos

The launch party was fantastic! We had 180+ people attend, the music by Travis Vick was beautiful, the Émoi performance and speech by Aaron Robinson were incredibly touching. 

The wine and food were delicious, and although I had an issue with Crêperie Saint Germaine, it was resolved without much interruption to the party. The event was a huge success and I think all who attended had a good time. 

Heres a collection below by photographer Unni Raveendranathen - Thanks Unni! :)


Art Exhibit II - Émoi Launch

The party planning is in full swing! I'm planning the launch party for Émoi, a new music company. I am planning the event, as well as curating the next Ntropic Art Exhibit around the theme of "émoi".

The party itself is a big production. I've hired Crêperie Saint Germain to serve made-to-order sweet and savory crêpes, we've chosen some nice french wines to complement the food and the theme. Entertainment throughout the night by singer/songwriter Travis Vick. With the highlight of the evening being the live performance by Aaron Robinson, the man behind Émoi, accompanied by Marie Brice, the LA Philharmonic's first violinist! 

The Art Exhibit opening will be rolled into the same event as each artist has been chosen to represent a different facet of feeling of émoi. I'm very excited to show these artists, some of them I've been following for years, one or two are friends, but they are all talented amazing artists. Here's the line-up: 

Brooks Salzwedel - Joe Kowalcyzk -  Kelsey Schnack - Clare Szydlowski - Nick Santoro 


A big thanks to Kimberley at Johansson Projects in Oakland for lending me Brooks Salzwedel's work for this! Its beautiful, and will look amazing in this show.  Here's a sneak peek at one of the pieces: 

The Fourth, 2012, graphite, tape, charcoal, resin on mylar on panel, 25.5 x 37.5 in framed

The Fourth, 2012, graphite, tape, charcoal, resin on mylar on panel, 25.5 x 37.5 in framed

Émoi Launch Party!

After the success of the first art exhibit at Ntropic my art program there is officially in full swing! I have planned the next exhibition and party to line up with the launch of Émoi, the new music division of Ntropic. 

The name Émoi is a French word that doesn't have an exact translation in English. So to help out, I wrote a definition based on my understanding of the word as it was described to me.  (If anyone reading this is French, and can help me refine this definition, I'd love the help!)

“ÉMOI” is defined many different ways. To cause the heart to flutter, a stir of strong emotions, excitement, commotion, sentiment, passion, animation, movement, reverence, nostalgia, trouble, love and loss, all snowballed together. It can be an anxious feeling, or a quiet feeling of awe. 

I've decided to make "émoi" the theme of the next exhibit as well. I think its a great theme because it encompasses so many emotions in one. I already have a few ideas for artists! 

If you're interested in finding out more about Émoi the company you can check out the website!