Art Exhibit IV Opening Party Photos!

Thank you thank you to everyone who came to the opening party for Art Exhibit IV last night! 

Great turnout for the artists, I was so happy people were able to meet the artists they were interested in and learn more about them. Delicious pizza by Del Popolo. If you haven't seen the truck, its really beautiful, with a  wood fired oven inside, and their pizza is amazing. 

Here are a few photos from the party! 

If you weren't able to make it, remember that the show runs for the next 10 weeks or so and I'd be happy to give you a tour if you'd like to make an appointment with me!

Art Exhibit III - Fabric/Textiles

Whoa, what a party... This has to have been one of the most fun parties I've every thrown. Seriously! The art looks so nice, and the crowd seemed to have a really upbeat, fun energy about it. Maybe it was the art, maybe it was the Sangria bar we set up, maybe it was the rockin all-girl band. Who knows? 

Check out pictures of the art installed and the party below. We didn't have a photographer this time, but I think we got some good shots. :)

ÉMOI Launch Party and Exhibition Photos

The launch party was fantastic! We had 180+ people attend, the music by Travis Vick was beautiful, the Émoi performance and speech by Aaron Robinson were incredibly touching. 

The wine and food were delicious, and although I had an issue with Crêperie Saint Germaine, it was resolved without much interruption to the party. The event was a huge success and I think all who attended had a good time. 

Heres a collection below by photographer Unni Raveendranathen - Thanks Unni! :)